Established in 1988, Nivonuc, whose former name was : « Construtora do Lombo de Égua”, was a company that worked in the building and industrial handling sector. But its clients and market evolution lead the company to specialized itself in the electric energy sector, more specifically in the creation of electric production structures. Then, in 2016, it was finally called Nivonuc.

Nowadays, our work is centered in fuel cycle production unit and nuclear power generation. In 2019, Nivonuc obtained the Qualianor certificate which allows working in the most controlled areas of a nuclear power generation, and the VCA certificate which proves that we possess a security management system that enables us to apply all the necessary measures during the work, in order to control the risks.

We have a large experience in all the European territory, and with our teamwork, dynamic and motivated, we are ready to meet our customer’s quests and to warrant their trust.


In the XXI century, energy is the society driving force. Working in the energy area is to implement all the technical means to make an energetic network operational and flawless, to meet the modern challenges.

This is the reason why we invest our own energy : to bring to the world the energy that make it stronger.

« Empowering energy »


Trust: of our clients, our staff and our suppliers. Strong relationship are based on the trust that is built on keeping our words, over the years.

Professionalism: we know our work and make everything possible to answer promptly to our clients needs, with rigour, proactivity and quality.

Security: zero accidents is the value that is reached with training and prevention.